Introducing ForkOut

How It Works

ForkOut is designed to make it easy to get your friends together to go out. Here's a quick tour.

  • Selecting Restaurants

    Find great places to eat out with friends

    Selecting Restaurants
  • Real-Time Voting

    Easy to make decisions

    Real-Time Voting
  • Messaging with Friends

    Streamlined built-in communication

    Messaging with Friends

Click play on the video above to learn more.

Selecting Restaurants

ForkOut's integration with Yelp shows you the nearest, and best restaurants. Our app also highlights new and interesting places nearby, to promote discovery.

Real-Time Voting

Your friends can vote on their preferences easily, removing the complicated hassle of wrangling different opinions.

Messaging with Friends

Every plan gets its own group message, neatly organizing all your conversations in one place.

Our Partners

We work with restaurants to make sure the ForkOut experience is seamless. Coordinating promotions with our allies, and highlighting their unique offerings foster win-win relationships.