If you’ve been on the internet anytime within the past three years, you’ve likely noticed the explosion of Korean culture over the Western world. Kpop, Kfashion, and Kcuisine have flooded Twitter, Instagram and Youtube in a variety of ways, from BTS appearing in the AMAs, Seoul’s fashion week and the rise of mukbangs, it was only a matter of time before an authentic Korean joint would deliver in Boston.

And deliver, Kaju Tofu House has.

Kaju currently has two locations in Boston, one in Harvard Square and one on Commonwealth. Though the majority of their customers seem to be college students, don’t think their food is anywhere near school food quality. Customers are greeted to a variety of appetizers including sweet beans and nuts before they even order, on the house. It’s a Korean restaurant custom, apparently.

As for actually ordering, you must try their tofu soup. Available on its own or in a combination (try it with bibimbop, a Korean rich dish with grilled meat, fried egg and plenty of vegetables), it is by far their most popular option, and it’s in the name for a good reason. Coming to Kaju with a friend? Split the seafood pancake too- you won’t regret it.

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