It’s two AM on a Saturday night and you’re trying to pretend Sunday isn’t here yet so Monday won’t come so soon. Half your takeout options are closed for the night, a fourth only serves healthy options that are more suited to when you’re not feeling like death, and the other fourth is, well, not the best.

So you turn to pizza, because why not?

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Coming from New York, I’m used to dollar pizza joints. A slice of plain cheese pizza for $1 off of Wall Street for the busy citygoers that don’t want to wait in line for something better. It’s a thin slice without much substance, but it’s filling and surprisingly good depending on where you get it. So coming from dirt cheap pizza from NYC to Boston, I wasn’t aware of how much things would change.

Domino’s Pizza is by far the best bang for your buck in Boston. It’s $6 a medium pizza if you order two or more, and you can substitute in a pasta dish, sandwich, cheesy breadsticks, or chicken instead of the pizza for the same deal. But Domino’s isn’t famous and a go-to because it’s mouth-watering delicious. It’s go-to because it’s cheap and convenient, not unlike New York Dollar Pizza joints. The question is, where are the local Boston pizza places that serve up a good pizza on a dime? Or heck, just decent. Subpar. Above Domino’s quality?

One possible contender is Oath’s Pizza. Around $12 after tax for a personal pie, Oath’s serves up healthy pizza for a low cost. Their pizza crust is cooked in avocado oil, and they have a variety of certified humane and/or organic ingredients for you to pick from. It’s not the cheapest option on the menu, but given the source of ingredients, it’s well priced. A personal pizza is 6 or 8 slices, so a slice here is about $1.50, but it’s a rather tiny slice.

Another contender is Crush Pizza, located on the Northend of Boston. Like Oath’s, their pizzas are personal sized and range from $10 to $12 depending on toppings. They offer a similar array of ingredients and boast their wood-fired oven with pride – cook your pizza for 90 seconds in a 900-degree oven. They are a tad bit cheaper than Oath’s depending on the toppings; for an 8 slice personal pizza, it’s about $1.25 per slice.

The real question though, is whether or not there is a local Boston pizza joint capable of serving up $1.25 or $1.50 pizza slices that aren’t “personal sized”? I’m not asking for a Michelin star restaurant or a pizza topped with generous shavings of truffle. I just want pizza that tastes better than fast food, won’t cost as much as a sit-down meal, and is big enough to serve for two.

Boston, where is the cheap pizza?