If you’ve ever been to Boston, you’ve seen the endless mobs of marathoners running from street to street in the early morning, right before the sun is up and when you’ve barely emerged from the hiding place you call a bed. The thought of giving up on those few precious minutes of sleep for some healthy exercise is terrifying to most, which is likely why the number of marathoners suddenly spikes for about a week the first few days of January. Luckily, going vegan, or just adding it as an option to your meals, is another way to do your body good, without giving up too much.

Daunted by the idea of veganism? Here are three tasty places that serve up vegan food at affordable pricing.

  1. Whole Heart Provisions

Looks delicious, right? Whole Heart Provisions creates tastefully crafted vegan bowls full of nutrients and protein to boost your energy for the day and keep you going. Their prices vary depending on the ingredients, but their most popular offerings, the bowl shown above, is priced and portioned similarly to Chipotle.

What we suggest:  SEETA (pickled cauliflower, chickpeas, currants, cured tomatoes, savory green beans, crispy lentils, coconut curry) for the delicious mouthful of tomatoes, chickpeas, green beans and curry and SEOUL (bulgogi style beets, carrot and radish kimchi, korean black beans, edamame, sesame, crispy lentils, spicy gochujang) because those beets can make any dish sing


A common misconception about veganism is that it’s all salads and no fun. No sweets, no cookies, no ice cream, no nada. Luckily, FoMu is here to turn everyone on their heads with delicious, well-sourced ice cream made from fresh ingredients. Their ice creams mostly use a coconut milk base, and they’re so creamy and sweet that you could never tell the difference.

What we suggest: #TreatYourself to their Ice Cream Sandwiches, with fresh baked cookies that fit almost too well with ice cream, their Chocolate Peppermint and their Tahitian Vanilla flavors, both twists on classic chocolate and vanilla but very flavorful due to the natural ingredients inside

3. By Chloe

Looking for a fun, stylish place to eat out with friends? By Chloe offers perfectly #instagram #foodie tag worthy backgrounds to their picturesque food, complete with marble and netted chairs done up in whites and other pastels. With a motto of “Eat Well, Eat with Purpose,” By Chloe took NYC and LA by storm and has settled into Boston with their delicious array of traditional fast food done right.

What we suggest: You can never go wrong with By Chloe’s SMASHED AVOCADO TOAST, available gluten free, with seasonal vegetables, almond parm on 7-grain toast or their MATCHA KELP NOODLES, served with a cashew cream sauce. Always, always, add one of their freshly squeezed juices and their air-baked fries. Just do it, and you’ll see what we mean.