You may think seafood when you think of Boston, and you may think sushi when you think of seafood, but few manage to put two and two together to connect Boston with sushi. While we can’t blame them for skipping the connection between New England and Japanese, we luckily have Yamato II to show us the way.

Yamato II serves largely sushi in their restaurant, but they also have noodle options such as ramen and udon, appetizers like edamame and gyoza, and their delicious tempura ice cream. Though you have the option of ordering one item from the menu, their much more popular dining choice is a buffet style meal. Priced from $18.50 to $30.99 depending on day and lunch/dinner option for adults, Yamato II offers an all-you-can-eat experience including their many sushi specialities.

You can’t go wrong with most of their offerings, but if I were to pick and choose, I’d say only go for noodles if you’re planning to split it with someone. It’s good but filling, and if you’re coming to Yamato II you’ll likely prefer filling up on sushi instead. Their House Special Rolls menu is filled with delicious sushis you won’t regret trying- new spicy scallop and hawaiin maki are two of my favorites. Don’t skip out on some edamame to go with your meal!

Dinner grants you full access to everything they serve, but if you’re coming in for lunch you’ll have to pay extra for their tempura ice cream and some of their sushis. Just be careful to not be too enthusiastic about your ordering- one hand roll is delicious, five is a waste!

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