You may recall Forkout’s previous #HighTeaHighlights, featuring The Langham and Courtyard Restaurant. Today the focus is all on Rose Wharf Sea Grill, and their beautifully decorated afternoon tea.

What makes Rose Wharf’s tea different from other teas is three things: 1) The spectacular view overseeing a harbor 2) The decadent petals that decorate every table and 3) the delicious sweets. While other restaurant afternoon teas can shine with their fresh-baked scones and cream or delicious finger sandwiches, Rose Wharf offers a wide selection of desserts topping off every afternoon tea.

That isn’t to say their scones and sandwiches are anything to scoff at either. Rose Wharf’s sandwiches are finely put together, looking more like decadent finger foods to be served on trays at the Oscars than the bottom tier of an afternoon tea tower. For a flat rate of $45 per person, $55 with a glass of sparkling wine (and do splurge for it, it’ll make the experience all the more worthwhile), Rose Wharf’s afternoon tea is a charming spot


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