If you’ve noticed anything about Boston, it’s probably that Bostonians have this not-so-subtle obsession with Asian fusion. Just walk down the street of Newbury to take note of the many sushi and ramen places with a twist, and all the Wagamamas in Boston. It’s almost ridiculous if it didn’t spurn such gems such as Mei Mei.

Mei Mei is a food truck and restaurant in Boston, with its storefront located in the Fenway area. They serve Chinese-American food with a twist, meaning if you’re expecting good old steamed dumplings with a side of soy sauce and vinegar, it’s not going to be there. What you’ll find, however, is equally delicious.

Besides having an admittedly awesome logo (look at that fish!), ForkOut decided to try our hands on some of Mei Mei’s fan favorites. They recommended to us the Scallion Pancake sandwiches and their corn fritters. Naturally, we tried both, as well as their dumpling bowls.

Our first dumpling bowl was the Lemongrass Ginger Pork Dumplings. These are $9, and are basically traditional dumpling filling wrapped like a wonton and deep-fried, served over siracha rice and “house pickles,” which is pickled red cabbage I believe. The bowl itself is cute, and the dumplings do taste as you would expect. The rice was a little bland in comparison- not bad, but there could have been more siracha for the extra oomph.

Our other dumpling bowl was the Pierogi dumplings (left) at $9. Now, if you know anything about pierogis, you’ll know that they look much more like wontons than dumplings, so when we were eating the dumpling bowls, we actually had no idea which dumpling was which! Turns out Pierogi dumplings are wrapped like traditional dumplings. The rice and vegetables were the same in both, but I preferred the lemongrass pork dumplings over the pierogis, which is a shame because I love pierogis! It’s because the dumpling pretty much tasted like potato. Just potato.

Now, you’re probably staring at the screen in confusion at the lackluster enthusiasm in this post. “ForkOut, aren’t you supposed to be directing us to the good places?” That’s a fair point, a good point, and it’s exactly because we’re bringing you amazing food that Mei Mei is here. Because Mei Mei’s scallion pancake sandwiches completely blew us away.

To the front is their KimChi Dog, and the back is their Double Awesome. And, yes, it is double the awesomeness. The scallion pancakes were perfect in flakiness- not so oily that they feel gross to eat, not too heavy to be an awkward pancake. They held their contents well while being delicious, a win/win in my book.

The kimchi dog ($9) was mildly spicy, enough for most people to get a slight kick but not nearly enough to get you running out the door. Though the ingredients of the “sandwich” were pretty typical, kimchi and hot dog, they were paired with a sriracha aioli that really brought the sandwich to another level. It was smooth and creamy without being too much, and it paired so well with the scallion pancake.

But though the kimchi dog was good, the double awesome is where it’s at. Honestly! We got ours without additional meat ($2.5), meaning it was $8.50. It was a glorious $8.50. The eggs are runny enough to be messy in a good way, and it tasted awesome with their pesto. It doesn’t stand out much at first bite, but you’ll realize how much the pesto contributes to overall flavor the more you go. And of course, there’s cheese. Melty cheese. It is called Double Awesome.

If you’re ever craving Asian Fusion, check out Mei Mei! Besides their Fenway location, you can also track their food truck online. It’s currently not running in the winter, but it’ll be active again in the spring and summer!

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