It may be April, but Boston winter is still clinging to the city. I’m honestly not sure if I’m wearing scarves more or less often now.

It’s freezing outside. But I’m still buying ice cream.

And how can I not when Boston’s own Toscanini has been declared best ice cream in Boston year after year after year.

So long as there’s no snow (or slush) on the ground, Toscanini will serve ice cream. And serve they do-Toscanini offers a wide array of flavors (over 30 of them!) on a day to day basis. Our favorites include the classic Belgian chocolate, Matcha cookies and cream cheesecake, and their special B3 (brown sugar, brown butter & brownies).

Not interested in ice cream? Toscanini is also a bakery that serves up these wonderful jumbo muffins (share them with friends!) and the most lovely peanut butter scones I’ve ever seen.