Dogs. We got to love them.

If you happen to be a dog owner, then you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to go shopping with your pet. Or heck, go anywhere with your pet. “Don’t loiter with your dog in front of our store.” “Don’t bring that mutt in here!”


Luckily, us here at ForkOut have heard the pleas for fairness, and we’ve found Wired Puppy. Wired Puppy is a cafe in the greater Boston area with two locations: Provincetown and Boston (Newbury). They allow dogs to wait for you outside the store while you purchase some coffee, and are totally A-Okay with you just, you know, taking care of your dog!

Besides being what every pet owner has been asking of retail for the past twenty years, Wired Puppy is a cafe that serves coffee and snacks. Their pastries are made in-house, but it’s really their coffee you’ll be after. You see, Wired Puppy has this thing called their Single-Cup Brew Bar. Basically, you get to watch them brew a single cup of coffee with different techniques, resulting in subtle differences in tastes. It doesn’t sound like much in text, but it’s a fascinating thing to watch and learn about in real life.

But of course, the actual draw of Wired Puppy is the cute puppies that manage to find themselves near the shop.

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