In between a plethora of clothing stores and food sits Trident Booksellers and Cafe, a cafe that sells a variety of amazing books and delicious food. They’re rather unassuming from the front- bricks to match the rest of the street, a small green door and a rather modest sampling of tables and chairs for those who wish to eat outside.

Inside Trident is a plethora of opportunity. Magazines line the left of the entryway, with the right being a few cashiers who both ring your books and keep track of your table when the place is crowded. Further left is the actual dining portion of Trident, with wooden tables and chairs by the window. Right and inward is the majority of the books, including some well-known series like Harry Potter, classics like Pride and Prejudice, and adorable new finds like Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too: A Book (which I highly recommend. I found it on display here and fell in love within five pages). The second floor houses more books, but it’s largely for diners who want a better view of Newbury.

Now, I must preface this review with my love of books. I recommend Trident highly as a bookstore because they manage a fantastic array of genres and styles in a small Newbury sized store. But I’m not talking to you today about their awesome books- we’re going to talk about their equally amazing, if not better, food.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Trident has a nine-page long menu, ten if you count the half-page of their weekly specials. The majority of their foods are brunch specialties, such as waffles, egg dishes, and breakfast bowls, but they also serve sandwiches, salads, and dessert. They serve a wide array of drinks, from juices to teas, coffees and beer and wine.

Photo Credit: Food Spotting

Though I would feel comfortable recommending every food item on the menu, I do have to say Trident does eggs particularly well. You can select how you want them (sunny-side-up, poached, scrambled, etc.) and they manage to nail it. Every. Single. Time. Definitely check out their weekly specials menu- it doesn’t change much (there is usually always one crepe dish and one pasta dish) but it is a bang for your buck and it will be delicious.

The only thing about Trident is that you can’t mingle between the books and food. If you want to explore their books, you need to stay out of their dining area. And if you want food, no wandering around while waiting for food to arrive. It’s likely a precaution to keep their books clean. Luckily, you can bring whatever you want to the table, so if you’ve bought the books, you’re free to read and eat.

Want to give Trident a try, but don’t live nearby? Trident also does delivery through a few food services, so if you know that you’re just not feeling up to having one of the best brunches in Boston in-store, they’ve got you covered.