Cats are adorable and cozy. Cafes are delicious and cozy. Combine the two to get adorable, delicious, and twice the cozy. We’re talking about cat cafes.

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At least, that’s what Japan thinks. Themed cafes are all the rage there, ranging from space-themed restaurants, maid cafes, and the ever-growing in popularity, cat cafes. A cafe where you can sit around with your adorably crafted latte and pastries and relax with equally adorable cats.

A typical Cat Cafe in Japan.

Though there are many competing cat cafes in Japan, there is only one in Boston: PURR Cat Cafe. This small joint which just opened recently in Brighton lets people relax and play with cats, most of whom are from shelters and some of whom are up for adoption. These cats are given another chance at life, either by lazing around the cafe to be spoiled rotten by visitors or a chance at adoption, to be spoiled rotten with a permanent family. That seems to be the ultimate goal of the cafe.

PURR offers hourly rates to come in and visit their cats, which you can view online by making a reservation. Yes, that’s right: to prevent overwhelming the cats by too many unfamiliar faces at a time, PURR has a reservation system to keep things orderly and safe. It’s a good call for both the cats and families who consider bringing their kids before deciding whether or not to adopt a pet.

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But as great as PURR sounds at first, a visit to the actual cafe shows a few glaring errors. First off, the system there is strictly hourly, so if you can only stay half an hour, you still need to pay for the full hour. And there’s no getting that wasted time back the next time you book an appointment. Secondly, PURR doesn’t actually serve food! You get to bring outside food and drinks in for no extra fee as a result, but it is pretty disappointing when you were expecting to eat cat-shaped cookies with your new found cat friend. The third problem isn’t really a problem with PURR so much as a problem with cat cafes in general: cats can get pretty sleepy in the afternoon, so right when kids are out from school and want to play the cats are going to be pretty reluctant. Go in the morning to have the full cat experience!

PURR Cat Cafe isn’t a bad place to go. They have a well-sized space with plenty of seating and a nice cast of friendly cats to relax and play with. But they’re not exactly a cafe when there’s no food or drinks to be served, and it’s a lackluster show to their predecessors in Japan. There does seem to be an audience for a more traditional cat cafe in Boston, so perhaps it is only a matter of time until one shows up. Until then, your best bet might be buying food from next door before coming to PURR to relax.

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