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ForkOut FAQ

What is ForkOut?

 ForkOut is the best way to make plans with your friends. Our app simplifies the experience of going out to eat or drinks. Instead of needing five different apps to choose, coordinate, and message, you’ll only need ForkOut.

How do I get started?

After downloading ForkOut, an interactive chatbot will pop up at the bottom of your screen to help you create a profile. The chatbot will also explain how the app works.

Can I invite friends who aren’t on ForkOut?

Yes! They will receive a link that shows the restaurants and people you’ve invited.

Is this a free app? How do you make money?

Currently it is completely free, for both users and businesses. We have no plans to charge users at any time. In the future, we expect to work with restaurants to provide them with additional paid services.

Who built this?

ForkOut was founded by Lida Tang and Caleb Singer, with help from many others.

Where is ForkOut available?

ForkOut is currently only available in the United States. We pull restaurant data from Yelp, so everywhere there are Yelp listings, there are options in the app.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always looking for talented and passionate folks. If you’re interested in helping, please email us at

I have a problem/question/concern!

Email us! We love to hear from our users. Please reach out at