As independent restaurants are founded, they find themselves at an immediate disadvantage compared to major restaurant chains. These chains have expensive marketing and analytics teams, with large rewards programs that generate revenue.

To survive, most independent restaurants need third-party delivery businesses, even though only 10% of restaurant orders are delivery! At ForkOut we want to bring happy customers in the doors. Our platform uniquely connects users with restaurants in a way that’s hassle free, for both sides. 

Because ForkOut works with local restaurants, we want to highlight those local restaurants that have joined our mission through “Restaurant Showcases”. You’ll get to know the driven individuals who started their own business, what motivates them, their challenges, and advice for up and coming restaurateurs. Our job is to help them along the way, so they can focus on the most important aspect of the restaurant–the food.

We’re happy you are a part of our mission to change the dynamic between restaurants and users.

With love of Food,

–The ForkOut Team