After the immense popularity of Starbuck’s Unicorn and Mermaid Frappes, Starbucks has not been afraid to come out with short-term fad drinks with sometimes questionable flavors. Though many of their hit drinks manage to make it on Instagram with a rainbow filter, few of them are well-liked enough that their customers would purchase again to drink, not to take a picture of.

This Valentine’s Day, Starbucks might have finally cracked the code.

Last year, Starbucks went heavy on the chocolate for their Valentine’s Day drinks. This year they’ve kept up with the chocolate theme, but with a twist.

Chocolate cherry fans, eat your heart out.

This year’s Starbucks focal Valentine’s drink is their Cherry Mocha, a delightful blend of chocolate and cherry. Though very much still rich, the cherry adds a fruity flair to the drink that, though still super sweet, helps lighten the drink a bit.

Are you planning on getting one, or did you get one already? Or the better question might be, when is it getting uploaded to Instagram?

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