Everyone loves a cute dog, but did you know that this year is their year? Yes, on February 16, 2018, Lunar New Year brings about the Year of the Dog!

Known more commonly as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year is celebrated by many more people than just those living in China! Countries around the world celebrate it, including Korea and Singapore, and though it is not recognized as a national holiday, is celebrated in the UK and Germany. In the US, a few cities put together celebrations for the occasion, including Boston.

Want to celebrate the New Year in style? Lunar New Year celebrates family and friends coming together to brush away the bad of the old and welcome the good of the new. And with this celebration, comes a feast.

Source: Lettuce Spoon

A hot pot kind of feast! Boston’s own Chinatown is home to Hot Pot Buffet, which is quite literally a hot pot buffet! For $17 for lunch and $22 for dinner, you and a group can enjoy delicious hot pot and/or barbeque. There is an all-you-can-eat endless array of seafood, meat, vegetables, dumplings, noodles, etc.

Not as into the hot pot scene? Gyu-Kaku is a BBQ place that is also great for celebrating Lunar New Years with family and friends. They can be pricier since it’s pay-per-item, but you can get a surprisingly good deal on premium meats for grilling. And who doesn’t like the smell of sizzling meat!

Okay, but if you go to BBQ and/or Hot Pot, you’ll inevitably come out smelling like it. Check out Winsor Dim Sum Palace for your Lunar New Years celebrations if you want to dine in style on a budget, and without worrying about smelling like meat for the rest of the day. You may be celebrating the year of the dog, but there’s no need to smell like one too!


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